Crowdfunding Donors & Promoters

Celim Bergamo Organization:

Charity Tick – Charitable Organization:

Charles Lehman – Non-Profit Advocate:

Don Noel – Philanthropy Advocate:

Emily Davis – Philanthropy Advocate:

Georgia Williams – Homeless Advocate:

Georgina Lester – Philanthropy Advocate:

Gisela Hausmann – Author & Blogger:

Ideama – Crowdfunding Organization:

Jeannie Hartley – Human Rights Activist:

JMJ Strategic Resources – 501(c)(3) Service Provider:

Kay Hampton – Human Rights Activist:

(LA) Love / – Production Company:

Lizza Monet Morales – Non-Profit Advocate:

Melissa Tan – Philanthropy Advocate:

Women’s Partnership Foundation:

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