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The Eco Village Project of Fresno provides safe and dignified living spaces in an environmentally sustainable manner, giving each resident the educational, emotional and physical tools, caring support and training to escape the cycle of homelessness.

Key Benefits
  • A green and eco-friendly living environment is fostered to all residents.
  • Transitional, private and independent living spaces are provided with communal access to food preparation and hygiene needs.
  • Our communal goal-setting comes with the expectation that residents participate in self-governance.
  • All residents have shared responsibilities for the maintenance and operation of the site.
  • Community resources are utilized for vocational training, education, life skills, healthy living practices, financial planning, creative expression and community engagement.
  • Referrals are granted for substance abuse support and counseling, social services, health providers, jobs and other formal outside assistance.
  • We are, above all, a deliberately earth-centric, eco-conscious and socially responsible project providing a new pathway to alleviate homelessness in Fresno.

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