Eco Village Concept

The Eco Village vision is that all citizens should enjoy basic rights to peaceful sleep, dignity, good health and a chance at employment and productive work.  The Eco Village proposes to be a safe, livable, healthy community that redefines the future for many of our homeless neighbors by cultivating improved well-being within the homeless community and creating a stable cultural environment to prosper and achieve healthy social adjustments.  The Eco Village offers a totally sustainable, alternative energy design.  The philosophical foundation of the Eco Village empowerment-based holistic model rests on the belief that in order to achieve lasting social change, individuals must undergo transformation themselves.  By becoming healthier adults, on-going learners and excellent leaders, transformed individuals exemplify the usefulness of beneficial change in themselves and may subsequently initiate positive change in others.

The Eco Village promotes community well-being by creating humane environments that are safe, healthy, vibrant, diverse, sustainable and culturally alive.  By empowering individuals to uncover, rediscover and reclaim their lives, participants are nurtured with dignity and respect as they begin a long and sustained journey to realize their greater long-term potential as human beings.  The Eco Village would be a sanctuary, a secure place to experience the possibility of renewal in living the American dream.  Through this opportunity, homeless individuals can start utilizing their talents to rebuild their lives and rediscover their personal aspirations.  They can become whole again.

The vision integrates beauty, expansive possibilities and practical technological awareness to form a comfortable, secure and peaceful neighborhood.  The villages would incorporate commercial enterprises such as an art studio & gallery for pottery, sculpture (and other creative art forms), a furniture restoration shop & showroom, a bakery and/or a bamboo outlet for living plants and bamboo products.  All these activities can develop sustainable income for employees and the teaching of leadership and business skills.  The meandering pattern of small eco-structures will be surrounded by arboreal landscaping, including evergreen citrus trees that produce fruit while beautifying the area.  Living units all face a large organic garden with abundant vegetables, herbs and berries that are fed by a gray-water system and rainwater harvesting, while incorporating solar & geo-thermal energy sources.

The Eco Village is a concept that promotes humane housing for those who have none; a peaceful, green, sustainable, small urban village.  It’s a home for people who might otherwise inhabit trash enclosures, doorways, sidewalks, cardboard boxes or any other available spot.  Always keeping the large scale vision in mind and imagining the possibilities, the Eco Village can provide a peaceful, healthful, uplifting environment, an employment center and, above all, safety.

Eco Village Illustrations by Architects Arthur Dyson , Marc Dyson & Mayuko Russell

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One Comment on “Vision

  1. This is Art’s vision. We have a prototype of an eco shelter on the Dakota EcoGarden site, and another one in the planning. Nancy W.


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