Eco Village Project of Fresno


Nominate Your Neighbor 2021

Stories from the DEG We are proud to announce that our beloved Nancy Waidtlow, founder of the Dakota EcoGarden, has been awarded the distinguished Mr. Rodgers Good Neighbor award for her efforts in helping end homelessness in Fresno, CA. Valley PBS…

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“I Give Up” – Brittani’s Story

Stories from the DEG “I give up.”  This is what I said when I realized I had spent an entire year looking for a job with no success.  It was also a year after my kids’ father had overdosed on heroin….

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Barbara’s Story

Stories from the DEG I was born and raised in Fresno, CA.  My dad was Irish and my mom Italian.  I have two brothers and two sisters.  My dad used to be a security guard and my mom was a stay-at-home…

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Game Changer Contest

Stories from the DEG I’m happy to announce that the Dakota EcoGarden will receive $5000 in cash after winning an UPROXX contest that I entered in Nancy Waidtlow’s honor.  Nancy is the owner & founder of the Dakota EcoGarden, an eco-friendly residence that helps the homeless…

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N’s Story

Stories from the DEG I’m pretty old.  I’m 57, so I’ve done a number of things: sales, sales manager and a baker in a restaurant.  Before I became homeless, I was a writer, an author doing ghost writing and I worked…

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