Eco Village Project of Fresno


“I Give Up” – Brittani’s Story

Stories from the DEG “I give up.”  This is what I said when I realized I had spent an entire year looking for a job with no success.  It was also a year after my kids’ father had overdosed on heroin….

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Barbara’s Story

Stories from the DEG I was born and raised in Fresno, CA.  My dad was Irish and my mom Italian.  I have two brothers and two sisters.  My dad used to be a security guard and my mom was a stay-at-home…

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N’s Story

Stories from the DEG I’m pretty old.  I’m 57, so I’ve done a number of things: sales, sales manager and a baker in a restaurant.  Before I became homeless, I was a writer, an author doing ghost writing and I worked…

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M’s Story

Stories from the DEG Taco Bell was my first job.  I started as a customer service cashier, working both at Taco Bell and its sister business, Long John Silver.  It was interesting and fun.  At Taco Bell, I was moved to…

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